GUANGDONG SOFTLINK MEDICAL CO., LTD ( hereinafter referred as Softlink Medical), is a professional private joint-stock company which specialised in Research & Development (R&D), Manufacturing, selling and customer services. Softlink Medical has successfully achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO13485:2003 system certification. We are located in Floor 4, Block E, Eight-One S&T Park, Jiahe Production Bases, Youyi Road, Baiyun Ave North, Guangzhou, PR China.

    Founded in 2007, Softlink Medical is a professional manufacturer that concentrated with minimal invasive surgery anastomat. With the process of operation and development, Softlink Medical spared no efforts to focus on the tendency of medical technology and development. Furthermore, the development of minimal invasive treatment attracted the decision makers¡¯ attention. When it spread out in the pass decade, it has been increasing demand of mobile applications. More importantly, its smooth growth is crucially supported by various medical techniques and devices. For instance, medical visualization technique (mainly concerned to medical endoscope technology) is an essential technique. Looking back to present day¡¯s development, the medical endoscope has three basic technologies including sensing technology, operating technology, and imaging technology. Sensing technology (lens) and operating technology (equipment) has changed rapidly. However, the imaging technology (system) product pattern, no matter imports or domestic products, still remain separated combinations model as the same as three decades ago. This pattern causes a big room to store, high cost in each sector, unable to move, inconvenient to outdoor activities. These obstacles have no longer satisfied the needs and wants in minimal invasive treatment¡¯s development, especially for the mobile applications.

    After analysing the current situation of medical visualization technology (in particular endoscope imaging system), we predicted its huge profitable prospect. Thus, started from the early of 2014, we determined to get involve in medical visualization area and integrated imaging system as our basic project in the first step. Thereby, we gathered a group of high qualified personnel to set up our own R&D team to research and explore the integrated imaging system which including over 30 essential separated sub-technologies such high brightness, high contrast display back-light technique; full HD image edge enhancement sharpening technique, RGB monochromatic adaptable technique, AE Full HD imaging exposure technique and full HD video encoding and decoding technique. After strictly testing, and with the help of lots of clinicians and expertise, Softlink Medical has consistently pursued customer priority and good quality control, synchronously, launched at least 200 clinic cases of endoscopic surgery verification which cover Department of Orthopedics, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Abdominal surgery, Thoracic surgery. Over 30 months¡¯ involvement, we have successfully designed and manufactured the first self-independent medical visualization and entire new medical endoscope with full HD integrated imaging system.(DragonVision). We have segmented and promoted this product to the market in the early of June.

    Currently, Softlink Medical has achieved five invention patent relevant to integrated imaging system and over 60 utility patent.
    Additionally, according to the current situation that the doctors have to wear camera lamp when they operating minimal invasive treatment. To solve this problem, , we confidently intend to promote a special non-endoscopic medical operation video system--- HD Imaging Support System (DragonVision) which is based on our mature integrated imaging system. Therefore, iCamara enable them easily obtain the close-range images, video and go deepen to the invisible vulturous without wearing the camera lamp.

    In general, the ability of get access to high-tech takes the edge advantages to the sustainable competitiveness. While, Softlink Medical has made a great breakthrough in the min. illumination light source technology; max. flow lossless real-time wireless transmission technology, detachable HD electronic sensing technology and such a number of sophisticated sub technologies. In the near future, we expect to launch an entire new wireless transmission of integrated imaging system where can connect between camera and imaging hosts without any cables, and promote our disposable electronic lens £¨DragonVision£© . On the other hand, we have been fully preparing to upgrade for the independent products , especially in wireless, intelligent, networking and the other relevant aspects.

    We make up our mind to develop medical visualization with cutting-edge technology. As a result, we expect to cooperate with our clinicians, suppliers, and distributors to put patients in the first place, at the meanwhile, we are looking forward to leading our Chinese original medical integrated imaging system market.